On Location CBCT Scanning


Today’s patients are well informed prior to their dental visits with the help of the internet. And most likely they have visited several other dental offices prior to your pratice looking for the “right” office. Some are in search for the cheapest, but all are looking for quality dental care. When they are properly informed of the need for proper diagnostic tools to achieve optimal results, what patient doesn’t want to have Accurate Planning, Predictable Outcomes, and Successful Results of their treatment? Not too many will say “No”.

OnSiteVanPicAnd with the added convenience of coming to your practice, it can’t be any easier.  We also have easy online scheduling with up-to the minute updates of available times so there is no need to call us. *  The online process is simple allowing your staff to schedule a patient just as if they are scheduling an appointment at your office.  No need for unnecessary phone tagging between patients, your office, and our scheduler.

Our vans have been carefully designed to accommodate the Newtom VGi Cone Beam and comfort of your patient.  Click here to tour our van.  Our cone beam has various fields of views (full skull CBCT to a single arch) depending on your need and case.  Give us a call and schedule an on-site tour of our van today (888) 588-7402


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