On Location, at Your Door, CBCT Scan

Today’s patients are well informed prior to their dental visits with the help of the internet. And most likely they have visited several other dental offices prior to your pratice looking for the “right” office. Some are in search for the cheapest, but all are looking for quality dental care. When they are properly informed of the need for proper diagnostic tools to achieve optimal results, what patient doesn’t want to have Accurate Planning, Predictable Outcomes, and Successful Results of their treatment? Not too many will say “No”.

mobileconebeamarizonaProviding the highest level of care in your practice includes the use of the latest diagnostic technology. We are a mobile cone beam scanning service provider. Our vans are equipped with the latest Newtom VGi cone beam. With its superior image quality, your scans are guarenteed to exceed your expectations. With simple online scheduling, we can come to your practice to provide CBCT scanning service, thus not only adding convenience, but also impressing your patients with your on-site services. We also provide your patients with the proper dental and medica codes to help them get reimbursements for their scans.  So what are you waiting for? Call us today to schedule your next scan.


OnSite iTero Scanning

We now have iTero scanning available to streamline the surgical guide ordering process.  You can now schedule your iTero scan along with your CBCT scan.  Use iTero not only for implant planning but also for Invisiline case submissions!

cadent-iteroWhy iTero Scanning?

1. No need to take impressions on your patient and send them for surgical guide fabrication. Save time and money.

2. Integrate soft tissue data and occlusion into the treatment planning software.

3. Get your surgical guides faster.

4. You can also scan for abutment and crown fabrication.


Implant Surgery Planning

Some doctors find it daunting to start working with new implant software, but eagerly, take that hurdle with little guidance. Others would like the idea of guided surgery but prefer to free up their time so they can accept more patients. And still others, don’t own software, but nevertheless want to perform guided surgery. There’s a solution for every one of them.

Whether new to guided implant treatment or seasoned user, a clinicians’ planning assistance requests are handled in a highly personalized manner.  Clinicians may want to be guided all the way during live sessions or want their plan delivered ready-made so they only have to approve it, full fledged tailored treatment planning service is available upon request.


Surgical Guide Ordering

Materialise_Dental2OnSite 3D Imaging uses Simplant’s Surgi-guides and Anatomage’s surgical guides.  Both guides provide precision and accuracy.  You can choose between not only a tooth-supported surgical guide, mucosal-supported surgical guide, or a bone-supported surgical guide.

We guarantee your surgeries will not only go flawlessly with the use of a surgical guide, but your patients will love it too.  Most times, you can perform the surgery flapless and that translates to less or zero post-operative discomfort and complications.  And that means less visits to your office for post-operative follow-ups so you can concentrate on your practice.


Surgical Drill Keys & Drills

We understand that providing dental implant service for your patients can be expensive.  Not only do you have to have the proper tools and handpieces, but also the proper surgical kits for the many implant manufacturers out there.  And if you want to provide implant treatments using surgical guides, that can also mean an additional surgical kit.

simplantuniversalsurgicalkitThat’s why at Onsite 3D Imaging we provide surgical kit rentals for your guided surgeries for those that do not wish to purchase a new surgical kit. We have options of Anatomage Surgical Guide Kit or Simplant’s Universal Surgical Guide kit, depending on which surgical guide you want to use.