On Location, at Your Door, CBCT Scan

On Location, at Your Door, CBCT Scan

Yup, we come to you!  Our vans are equipped with the latest Newtom VGi Cone Beam, the ONLY cone beam specially made for mobile scanning.  Within a matter of 15 minutes, your scan is ready for review.  We provide a CD or digital download link with a software viewer to allow you to review the scan.  We also include the DICOM images necessary to upload into other treatment planning software or we can plan your implant surgery for you.  Call us today!

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Implant Treatment Planning

Implant Treatment Planning

A CBCT is a great diagnostic tool for any surgery, but it works best when you can transfer that 2-Dimensional data into a 3-Dimentional diagnostic tool.  That’s why we provide Implant Treatment Planning to help you visualize and plan your surgeries virtually.  Why pay thousands of dollars for software to do this yourself and spend hours in front of a computer trying to figure out how to work the software?  Let us plan your surgeries for you!

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Surgical Guides, Fast and Easy Surgeries!

Surgical Guides, Fast and Easy Surgeries!

Surgical Guides provide precision placement of your implants for maximum esthetics and functional results.  Who doesn’t want Accurate Planning, Predictable Outcomes, and Successful Results?  It’s no longer acceptable to just place an implant in the best available bone.  In order to achieve the best outcomes, that means precise angulation and placement of that implant.  There’s only one way to achieve such results, a Surgical Guide!

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A CBCT can be a very expensive machine.  That, alone is a great reason.  But for those of you who need more reasons, here you go:

2. You want predictable results.

3. You want functional and esthetic results.

4. “Guessing” just isn’t doing it for you.

5. A model based surgical guide based on panos, PAs and wax-ups is still “guessing”.

6. Even with a CBCT, it’s still “guessing” if you don’t integrate the technology with an implant planning software.

7. We make it affordable.

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“I don’t know why any Doctor wouldn’t want something that is easy, fast, and makes patients happy.  The results are predictable and aesthetic.  It just makes sense to use a surgical guide.  And [OnSite 3D Imaging] makes it more affordable and convenient for everyone to use the technology.”

-T. Phan, DDS

“Providing the highest level of care in my practice includes using the latest technology.  OnSite 3D Imaging has helped raised and maintain that level of care without me having to buy a CBCT or software that I have to spend hours learning.”

-R.W. Emery, DDS